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On Sunday we drove to Salzburg, Austria. On the way we detoured back into Germany to visit the Eagles Nest. A historic site, a site of nearly unbelievable logistics (it was all constructed in a year) and a site that offers spectacular views – unless of course it’s a bit rainy and overcast in the Alps!  There is even a bit of snow pack still left on the mountain. So though we found ourselves up in the clouds, the drive up was gorgeous nonetheless.


We returned to Austria for a guided tour of Salzburg. The students learned the rich history of this area from the age of the Roman Empire to contemporary times, including the sound of music convent. They even learned that Mozart is not technically not Austrian, as Austria did not exist yet when he was alive. We had a delicious dinner at a local restaurant and then students explored the squares and river area in the area, which were quiet and calm on a Sunday evening.

Currently (Monday morning) we are back on the bus heading towards Munich, where we will spend a few days visiting sites in the area.

17 June 2019

Before leaving Austria we visited Hallstatt, which as you can see is the most pristine Alpine town. The real treat for the students was visiting the Hallstatt Salt Mine. A breathtaking (somewhat scary for those of us nervous of heights) funicular ride to the top leads to the mine tour, which goes 300meters into a salt mine and at points is very narrow. We all got to ride deeper into the mine on a a very fast slide. After, the students visited a World Heritage Viewpoint from the SkyWalk.

We continued on to Munich for a traditional dinner and music. As we are finishing up with a full day in Munich on Wednesday, we will post all the photos together.

18 July 2019

Tuesday was composed of two very different journeys – Dachau in the morning and Neuschwanstein Castle in the afternoon. The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial contains memorials to various groups and a museum of the camp, from its beginning in 1933 until its closure as a refugee camp in the mid 1960s. Every year visiting these historic sites can be emotional so we will let the students photos tell the story.


In the afternoon we toured Neuschwanstein Castle for a more calming bit of light hearted time together. The weather was beautiful and the views from the castle amazing. Both this site and the Hallstatt Salt mines were used by the Nazis to hide stolen art from around Europe – the movie Monuments Men references both locations.

19 June 2019

So our little journey wrapped up today in Munich. We had a local guide who first showed us around the different districts of Munich by bus, followed by a walking tour of the town center. We all had lunch in the Victuals Market and then a bunch of free time when the students shopped and explored. We said goodbye to the city in the English Garden under clear skies, warm sun and peaceful hearts. Tomorrow we have an early start and our journey home.


See You Next Year!!!!

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