Q5 WWII Central Europe Trip

The WWII tour of Central Europe is designed to be a historical and cultural adventure for students to contextualize historical locations and events in a modern setting. The tour will visit various locations in Germany and Central Europe.

Students will learn about WWII fighting, underground resistance movements during the war and the Holocaust. They’ll also visit museums, castles, and historical churches to experience the history and culture of the region pre-WWII.

When: During Q5 – approximately 9 days
Where: Past trips have included: Germany: Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich; Austria: Salzburg, Poland: Warsaw, Krakow; Prague, Czech Republic
16-24 students; 2-3 chaperones (Ms. Wozniak + Chaperones)
Cost: $3000-3500 including roundtrip airfare, hotels, tours, meals, transportation

Contact Ms. Wozniak with questions: [email protected]

Q5 WWII Trip Overview Website

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